Professional and on-time work

We offer the installation, renewal or maintenance of the electrical networks of new or existing plants or plants operating under extreme environmental conditions (wells, swimming pools, recessed floor lighting, emulsion environment, cold storage, greenhouse, foundry, hazardous areas) or the installation of optimal lighting.

We not only plan turnkey systems, but also look after our partners until the end of the project execution.

Thanks to our diversified projects and large personnel organization, we cooperate with a large number of trained professionals who, based on the lighting and visual plans, carry out the construction of complete lighting systems or the modernization of existing systems.

Our principles:

  • strict compliance with the deadlines
  • Compliance with standards
  • Work according to the technical specification and requirements
  • Employment of experienced, suitable internal experts and subcontractors
  • high technical standards and design according to customer requirements
  • Use of high quality tools and equipment
  • Reliability, predictability, transparency, expertise and security
  • Supervision by technical controller