Solar battery

Solar battery

Premium quality with manufacturer and performance guarantee

We undertake the complete construction of solar systems for private, condominium and corporate customers, with the installation of premium quality devices. We carry out the entire permitting, design and construction process.

Our services and the construction process of the Residential Solar System (HMKE):

Personal advice:

With the help of our experienced colleagues, we will find the most favorable solutions for our partners. We provide accurate information on the requirements of the standard as well as the complete process, so that our future partners can also prepare for the implementation. 

Facility survey:

We assess the facility affected by the development free of charge consumption needs and physical characteristics. Based on the recorded data, we make a proposal to select the most appropriate solution. 

System design:

We prepare a complete, detailed system plan for the technical structure and physical implementation of the system we propose. 

Free quote:


Full authorization:

We implement our systems with full administration, as a result of which our partners are spared administrative and bureaucratic administration. 


Our installation teams of highly qualified specialists build our systems in the best possible quality, in accordance with all Hungarian regulations. 

Complete report to the power company ready after completion of construction.

After the physical installation, we notify the power provider that the system is complete and operational.

System monitoring:

Within the warranty period we undertake, we monitor the smooth operation of the systems we have built remotely and, if necessary, take care of any kind of warranty troubleshooting immediately. 

Tasks performed by the electricity supplier:

Meter replacement, system commissioning

Solar module

The solar modules we distribute are products of premium quality manufacturers from Europe or China such as LUXOR-Solar, SolarWatt, LG, Hyundai, Trinasolar, Canadian Solar, JA Solar, QCELLS or REC. The manufacturer’s warranty period for these products is 10 to 15 years, and the power output warranty period varies from 20 to 30 years. After this period, our manufacturer partners guarantee a production efficiency of 80-85%.


Our inverters are products of European and Chinese premium manufacturers such as ABB, Fronius, SolarEDGE, SAJ or HUAWEI. These manufacturers grant a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 to 10 years on their products, which can be extended by up to 25 years.

Holding construction

Our holding structures are premium products from German manufacturers like K2-Systems or Schletter. These products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 to 12 years.