Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation

Optimal heat retention

In addition to the use of high-quality materials, high-quality workmanship in the right order is very important for our company. We undertake a system guarantee for the thermal insulation systems we sell.

The thermal insulation board placed on the facade prevents the cold outside from entering the wall, so it can absorb the temperature of the indoor air in the building. This allows the walls to store much more heat, resulting in more economical maintenance. Proper facade insulation protects against cold and high heating bills in winter and excessive heat in summer.

In Hungary, due to the mostly outdated, outdated insulation systems, we pay a lot for heating and waste a lot of energy.

In order to reduce this energy consumption, we usually do the external thermal insulation and the replacement of the doors and windows first, and usually only then start other mechanical work.

External thermal insulation should be divided into two parts: during the renovation, the subsequent insulation of the facade walls can be done independently of the attic and roof insulation, ie the order of renovation can be determined depending on the wasted energy and available resources.

Due to the specific energy loss of the warm air flowing upwards, it is worth starting with the insulation of the slab first, as it is where most of the energy leaves. This may be followed by external insulation of the façade walls and plinths, if possible, and replacement of the doors and windows.

In summary, it can be said that after the construction of the appropriate thermal insulation, it is worthwhile to just start modernizing the heating system. First of all, it is advisable to prevent wasteful energy consumption with thermal insulation, and only then to deal with the modernization of energy production and use.