Maintenance of fire alarms

Maintenance of fire alarms

Security comes first

The long-term and proper operation of fire alarm systems can only be guaranteed by regular inspections and maintenance.This includes checking the functionality of parts of the system and reviewing personal and other environmental conditions. 


During the inspection, we inspect all the devices of the fire alarm system, perform the inspection and testing of the associated equipment from the point of view of functionality, as well as the regular control of the environmental and personal conditions.



During maintenance, the primary consideration is to keep the fire alarm equipment and other devices in proper, functional condition. This includes necessary cleaning or repair of any malfunctions. A further aim of the inspection and maintenance of the fire alarm system is to keep false alarms and alarms to a minimum.

Of course, our colleagues who maintain fire protection systems have a valid fire protection professional certificate, and they do their work with the utmost care and expertise. Our colleagues carry out regular and special reviews, which are always logged.

The basic part of the operation of the fire alarm system is the daily and monthly inspection, which is always performed by the person responsible for fire protection provided by us.

Our features:

  • regular technical inspection
  • planned preventive and occasional maintenance 
  • full technical and energy supervision 
  • machine setup, machine maintenance, system operation 
  • repairing electricity network problems 
  • 7/24 availability, quick response in case of errors 
  • high-quality work in accordance with the client’s needs 
  • reduction and rationalization of operating costs 
  • a team of permanent professionals 
  • smooth operation

We offer this service to our customers who want to operate their facility economically, but safely and in accordance with the regulations.