Electric shock protection

Electric shock protection

For accident-free working

The electrical equipment may be damaged or malfunction, which can be very dangerous for its user. Compliance with the technical, installation and safety regulations is an unavoidable prerequisite for safe operation.

The use of well selected electrical equipment is almost harmless. However, defective devices can cause life-threatening electric shock.

  • We ensure that all metal or other electrically conductive parts of electrical power installations that are not live but may be live due to a fault have adequate, effective and standard contact protection.
  • We alert our partners to errors or shortcomings in the audit process and provide solutions to correct these errors, which are essential for the safety of life, property and operations.
  • In any case, the verification is concluded by the drawing up of a report containing detailed documentation on the errors detected in the facility and the deadline for their correction.

The protocol can be requested during a security inspection. The absence of this document will result in a penalty.