Expansion of the electrical network

Expansion of the electrical network

High quality, high technical content

Our company carries out a complete electrical installation in high and low current areas. Our experts carry out these projects with many years of experience, a high degree of precision and at the same time in addition to meeting customer requirements and current standards. Thanks to our diverse projects and large HR organization, we work with a large number of qualified professionals.

Our characteristics:

  • strict compliance with the deadlines
  • compliance with standards
  • Work according to the technical specification and requirements
  • Employment of experienced internal experts and subcontractors
  • high technical standards and execution according to the needs of the client
  • Use of high quality tools and equipment
  • Reliability, predictability, transparency, expertise and security
  • if necessary, supervision by technical controller

The electrical network is always adapted to the power requirements:

  • Rated power
  • Connection service
  • concurrent performance

The three types of execution:

  • Retreading: we remove all old electrical devices, cables and equipment and redesign the entire system according to customer requirements¬†
  • partial renovation or extension: in case of partial renovation only some circuits are replaced, in case of extension we build a new circuit
  • New cabling: we replace the outdated network cables with modern cables