Infrastructure development

Infrastructure development

Execution of reliable, professional civil engineering and infrastructure investments

Our company undertakes the complete implementation and execution of turnkey infrastructure investments and projects. We carry out our diversified projects with the highest efficiency and strict adherence to deadlines. We have a reliable, tried and tested group of professional subcontractors, whom we regularly audit. We work exclusively with quality materials, using the latest technologies and processes.


Within the framework of turnkey, full-scale project implementation, we also take over the tasks of planning, licensing, technical inspection and engineering consulting.

Our expert colleagues have decades of experience in carrying out the following activities, which are outlined:

Preparatory work

In each case, the construction work begins with the preparatory work in the given area. As part of this, we carry out the necessary scrub and shrub clearing, wood cutting, as well as ammunition and metal removal. Exploration and replacement of public utilities, protection, and the organization of professional inspections are also important tasks that cannot be missed. We dismantle landmarks, pavements and various structures, we recycle the dismantled materials or arrange for their removal. We plan temporary traffic technology, obtain operator contributions, and build the necessary diversions. After that, we design the parade areas, transport routes, depot areas and temporary ancillary facilities in accordance with the customer’s needs and the work and fire protection regulations.


We carry out the large-scale earthworks required for the construction of the planned facilities, such as the extraction, removal or deposit of arable land and unsuitable topsoil, compaction of subsoil, supply, installation, profiling and compaction of aggregates. We plan and implement soil stabilization taking into account the site conditions and soil conditions. In addition, the frost protection layer, repair layer and crushed stone layers are installed and compacted. Also, within the framework of the work process related to earthworks, we carry out the excavation of the basic bodies, utility trenches and cuts, as well as the removal of the extracted materials. We also procure and install various geosynthetics according to the given conditions. After the completion of the pavements and track structures, the final design of the slopes, the spreading of the arable land, the filling of the benches and the construction of the refined benches will be completed.

Road construction, track construction

Within the framework of infrastructure development, we primarily undertake the installation of roads, bicycle paths or curbs (highlighted, sunken, “K” and garden curbs), as well as the construction of hydraulic and crushed stone paving slabs. Within all this, we perform the spreading and compaction of the rolled asphalt base, bonding and wear layers, the construction of basalt concrete pavements, the formation of gaps and the post-treatment of the surface. The following tasks also belong to our track structure construction activity:

  • spreading and roughening of cast asphalt pavements, 
  • laying of concrete paving stones and natural stone pavements, 
  • construction of various surface coatings by emulsion spraying, crushing stone spreading,
  • construction of dirt roads stabilized with lime and cement.

We also undertake the construction of various traffic signs, signs, pavement signs related to road construction, the installation of road restraint systems (driver’s railings, baffles), and the construction of traffic lights with lights on request.

Hydraulic engineering, drainage

Drainage of surface waters and dewatering of facilities is an indispensable element of infrastructure developments. Within the framework of hydraulic works we perform:

  • construction of various riverbeds, streams, ravines, slides, 
  • design, reconstruction and renovation of prefabricated and monolithic aqueducts, 
  • construction of concrete, reinforced concrete, corrugated steel sheet penetrations according to the customer’s requirements, with prefabricated, monolithic or gabion heads, 
  • construction of sinks, cleaning shafts, laying and connection of longitudinal and transverse channels in existing systems.

In addition to the above, we design, approve and implement individual hydraulic structures on request.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is extremely important for our company, which should not be ignored during infrastructure development either! Within the framework of this, we carry out the recultivation and environmental arrangement of industrial areas. The design, permitting and construction of noise protection facilities are also an important element of environmental protection. We undertake the performance of planting tasks (grassing, biological slope protection, planting of shrubs, woody trees) combined with aftercare, in accordance with the customer’s ideas. If necessary, we also install protective fences, safety nets and game alarms.

We perform the above with state-of-the-art machinery, materials and qualification measurements in accordance with standards and industry regulations, a team of tried and recognized professionals, and subcontractors.