Weak current

Weak current

Security comes first

We carry out the survey, design, licensing and full construction of low-voltage systems for office buildings, industrial facilities, shopping malls, public institutions and other objects using the most modern and efficient technologies. During the planning, we take into account the different systems that already exist or are to be built, as these systems must work in harmony with each other and without interruption.

Our company builds low-voltage systems in the following areas of application:

Camera system

We survey, design and install the most modern, long-term reliable, professional camera systems, whether for companies, industrial facilities or public institutions.

Access Control System

With the access control systems we have set up, you can not only control the entry and exit of the given area, but you can also manage the working time records within the same system. We can even provide biometric identification based on the needs of our customers.

In accordance with the characteristics of the given property and the needs of the Client, we provide a solution from the simpler, one-door access systems to the more complex, license plate recognizers, turnstiles, and various barrier systems.

Fire protection system

As above, the installation of fire alarm systems is always preceded by an on-site survey. Our specialists design and build the most suitable fire protection system with maximum security, the needs of the customer and the characteristics of the property in mind. Our systems range from large-scale, industrial applications to any type of system.

Fire alarm systems are regularly inspected in accordance with the law, with daily, monthly, triennial, semi-annual and annual frequencies. Continuous inspections are documented in the operation log.


The automatic barriers we have built provide a perfect solution for the control and supervision of small, medium and high traffic passage areas. Our barriers are easy to control, making them easy and safe to use.

After the installation of each system, our company also undertakes their safe operation and maintenance if required!